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Things to Do in Montreal

HOTEL10 – Unlocking the City for Your Unlimited Access

Explore Montreal to your heart’s content and discover what this beautiful city truly has to offer when you stay with us at HOTEL10. Our friendly staff remains in the loop and has their finger on the pulse of the city. Whether you want to find the hottest night spots or restaurants or you want to tour cultural landmarks, historic churches, or local museums, Montreal has something for everyone.

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Because of our convenient location in the City Centre, our guests can enjoy being in walking distance of Old Town Montreal. This gives you access to all of the city's history. Montreal dates back to the 1600s, and most of the original architecture of the city has been restored in recent years. Due to the unique makeup of Montreal's city organization, you can enjoy lovely churches in the morning and then explore other ethnic neighborhoods in the afternoon. Each distinct cultural section of the city is steeped in interesting history.

Arts & Culture in a City of Splendor

As the de facto international arts and culture destination, Montreal boasts a stunning arts community, as well as all of the other features of a bustling metropolis. You can find a plethora of unique shopping opportunities, several ethnic and fine dining establishments, and a wide range of cultural and social events. No matter when you stay at HOTEL10, we can help you find something to do for as long as you visit with us.

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