10 unique Christmas gift ideas by HOTEL10
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10 unique Christmas gift ideas by HOTEL10

December 05, 2019
December 2019 hotel 10 blog

The countdown has begun: Christmas is fast approaching, and every year the scenario is the same. While it should be a moment of joy, festivity and rest, everyone racks their brains during the holidays! With the many “Christmas parties”, lack of time, the hardships of finding the perfect gift for someone who already has everything or that we’re simply out of ideas… it’s not always an easy and pleasant thing, but it should be!

It’s with this idea in mind that the HOTEL10 team offers you 10 unique gift suggestions and also wants to remind you that: the holiday season is a moment for you, your family, your friends, and not something to get stressed about!


The environment has been the key issue this year and, more than ever, everyone wants to put their shoulder to the wheel and do their part to fight climate change. And, with the coming holiday season, the time is right to think – and act – on our consumer behaviours. More and more craftsmen will be offering fantastic, ingenious, stunning and original decorations, clothes and gift ideas made from recycled materials. Why not dare an eco-responsible gift this year?


Cooking is also a great opportunity to spend a good time with your family. Why not kill two birds with one stone and make cookies for the people you love packing them nicely? Those around you will appreciate the effort you have made. Plus, involving your family in the making of a gourmet gift – rather than offering a coffee mug or a bottle of wine – helps prevent over-consumption.


Let’s face it, we have all already received a gift during an exchange that we liked more at least. Some gifts are still found in their original packaging and have never been used, but who says that this item would not please someone around you? Instead of wasting, see how you could please someone else.


A gift exchange between colleagues or friends is a good idea. On the other hand, if it’s badly orchestrated, there is a good chance that several people will be disappointed and that those gifts will be used next year for regifting. To avoid that, why not choose, together, a theme for the gift exchange? Finding a theme or a category of products that would appeal to your entire group will definitely go a long way in avoiding disappointment and waste.


A great gift idea to offer children (or spouses): a notebook of “coupons” entitling you to some privileges. It can be as simple as an evening free of household chores, a home-cooked dinner or an extra hour of television one evening. Ideas are not lacking and it’s always a pleasure for the person receiving it.


From offering a friend to babysit their children for a weekend to allow them some quality time, to offering to watch over your parents’ dog when they go on vacation for the holidays, our entourage often needs a helping hand far more than material gifts. Just think about it and offer…yourself!


Often we are pretty sparing when it comes to buying show tickets for ourselves (too expensive, or we do not have time) and yet … it’s a great gift idea that allows yourself and a friend to enjoy both an outing and a moment for two.


An excellent idea that you might not immediately think of! Offering a professional photo session allows a couple or family members to make great memories and to bring home some (very good) pictures.


And of course, offering a couple of friends a moment outside the house to meet up and enjoy a little privacy is a gift that will surely be appreciated by anyone. Enjoy our winter promotions and spoil loved ones who need it. It could even be you 😉

No matter what you choose to offer, remember that the important thing is to be there for the people you love and that the best gift you can give is to give them your time. Quality time is the best present we could offer, at any time, to those we love. Happy holidays to all from the HOTEL10 team!

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