Art at the heart of the travel experience (part two)
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Art at the heart of the travel experience (part two)

October 08, 2019
October 2019 hotel 10 blog

At HOTEL10, art has always held a place of choice. From the foundation of our creative building (described in a blog, which can be read here) to present day, we are immersed in art in all its forms and our creativity never sleeps. We have also published a first blog at the beginning of the year to showcase some of our favorite art works. But, like a museum, our hotel constantly welcomes new pieces of art. Here are our latest favorites among them.

Our mixed bathrooms inside which you can admire the impressive mural that represents the national monument, a realization of artist Jeremy Shantz

Jeremy Shantz in action



When we are talking about creativity, the city of Montreal has a place of choice because of its many festivals, art galleries and art installations. To honour this dynamic city and because it inspires us a little more every day, HOTEL10 exposes, as much in our common areas as in our rooms, many works of art that honour our city and our artists.

Our artists in action : the mural that represents the Godin Building


Regarding our recent favorite art works, which were added to the decor of HOTEL10 this year, we find of course the sculpture of JAG the horse that proudly stands on our colourful terrace. Restored and transformed since the closure of KOKO Restaurant + Bar, this former horse-shaped lamp is now a multicoloured work of art renamed JAG (for Joseph-Arthur Godin, founder of the Godin building). it is now part of the history and decor of HOTEL10.

JAG, the horse/art work in front of the Godin building mural


Moreover, Montreal artist Guy Hamelin, with whom we collaborate regularly, is known for using industrial inks, acrylic and epoxy to create his works. His most recent realizations for HOTEL10 are two tables, one called “smart” that welcomes you in the lobby to work or relax and the other stands in the Executive meeting room that overlooks our terrace. Even the tables can be works of art, you just need to have an open mind!

The table and the “Girl Power” art works by Guy Hamelin in our Executive meeting room


Artist Jeremy Shantz has also created an impressive mural at Café Origine, with which we share our spaces. It is of course important to us that our neighbours/roommates share our love for the art and we followed the work of the artist with great interest. Café Origine is now a work of art in itself; the mural now covers the entire walls of the coffee shop, which is now very colourful and bright. Go see for yourself.

Jeremy Shantz at Café Origine


Finally, we wanted to remind you that you can find five anamorphic works, signed Marc Sirus, on each of our floors. They are only visible from a certain angle, identified by a pink dot on each floor of HOTEL10. Discover them during your next visit: the shoe, the guitar, the number 10, the saxophonist and the martini glass. Have fun changing floors to admire them all!

Our anamorphic works are only visible from a certain angle


And, of course, we are currently working on a new artistic project that we can not wait to unveil. This large-scale project is a tribute to our beautiful city, the passions that inhabit and characterize it and (…) we wont say more, since it will be revealed in our next blog. To the question: HOTEL10, hotel or art gallery, the answer remains: why not both?

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