PET FRIENDLY : Our favorite places to bring pooch the next time you stay with us (and a brand new « pet friendly » paw-ckage)
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PET FRIENDLY : Our favorite places to bring pooch the next time you stay with us (and a brand new « pet friendly » paw-ckage)

September 07, 2022
HOTEL10 is petfriendly

At HOTEL10 we really, really love animals. There are of course many « pet friendly » establishments in town, but there are also pet crazy Hotels. We are rather in the second category ; we always think of you and your pets, who are, by the way, always more than welcome with us. Whether in our lobby or in your room, our staff will be happy to welcome them (but you too, don’t worry).

Lily, dog-on-duty at HOTEL10 


In our « pet friendly » hotel, before the pandemic, not a day went by without us welcoming a furry or feathered best friend. But since the number of travelers from here and elsewhere who have decided to adopt a pet during Covid has exploded, we have also adjusted ourselves ; because either you are a « pet friendly » hotel or you’re not ! In addition to having recently launched a new package perfect for you (and pooch), we have created a very helpful list of places to visit during your next stay with us.


These are all places that accept animals, and this, in partnership with « TOUTOURISME QUÉBEC  », an organization whose mission is to always increase the number of tourist places that accept pets. Their motto : « Never without my dog ».

Here is our list of favorite places to discover with doggie during your next stay at HOTEL10 :

●      Dog Parks :

●      Lafontaine Park

●      Jeanne-Mance Park

●      Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Park

●      Specialty Shops & Boutiques :

●      Pawse Inc Boutique

●      Thewinterrue

●      « Animaux de compagnie Cosset »

●      Pableen Pet Boutique

●      Nature

●      Pet shop Too Zoo Inc

●      Peluche Pet Shop Westmount

●      « Pattes et Griffes »

●      Global Pet Foods - Plateau Mont-Royal

●      Brandy's « Centre Holistique & Toilettage Canin »

●      Chico

●      Mondou

●      Grooming and various Services :

●      DOGGIEVILLE MTL , Hotel for dogs & grooming

●      « Vet Chez Vous Inc. » - mobile vet service

●      Vet clinic « Plateau Mont Royal » -

●      Maisonneuve Animal Expert -

●      SPA Beasts V.I.P.

●      « Les Anges Gardiennes » –  Babysitting, walking services for your dog or your cat

●      Atlas Taxi – Taxi service that accepts dogs

●      Pet Taxi Montreal -

●      Pettaxi -

●      Restaurants :

●      Mandy's

●      Burgundy Lion

●      Barley – Dog food Bar

●      Ono Pokii

●      Raku

●      Cordova

●      « Hippi poutine »

Now that you know everything, you can start planning your next « pet friendly » stay with us. There is only one thing left to do : book our new « SPA for dogs » package and come see us with your animal, your best buddy !

Pet friendly package inclusion

Our new SPA package « AMIS TOUTOUS » or « Pet Friendly »

After months of intensive brainstorming with HOTEL10 staff members who have dogs, trying out the best shampoos, products, treats and other little luxuries for those who deserve it most : our dogs ! We are proud to launch our brand new « AMIS TOUTOUS » or « Pet Friendly » package. During your next stay with us, take the opportunity to spoil your faithful companion.

The new HOTEL10 SPA package for dogs includes:

● Bathrobe for dogs with the colors of HOTEL10 created by ChienFou that dresses humans with a smile !

(Please mention during your reservation the size of your dog to reserve your bathrobe size : XS-S-M-L)

● Dog bath towel ● Shampoo 500 ml & or vaporisor PURODORA

● Tooth brush

● Dog scarf to the colors of our partner « TOUTOURISME QUÉBEC »

● Dog food bag from OVEN-BAKED Tradition 

● Room cleaning fees are included

● A value of 140$ included in your package

This is the very first « pet friendly » package from HOTEL10, but certainly not the last. We already have several other ideas in mind…

Book your package today

And now that you know everything, we are waiting for you, but above all : we want to see your photos of dogs in H10 bathrobes !


Picture of HOTEL10’s Canine Director, BOGEY

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