PRIDE MONTREAL : HOTEL10 is proud to be an inclusive establishment
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PRIDE MONTREAL : HOTEL10 is proud to be an inclusive establishment

July 12, 2022
HOTEL10 is inclusive

Pride month is over, but that does not mean that the celebrations surrounding the inclusiveness and openness of Montreal (and HOTEL10 !) are over, quite the contrary. HOTEL10 prides itself on being an inclusive hotel that welcomes and celebrates everyone, year round.

But still, as Montreal PRIDE approaches, which takes place from August 1st to the 7th, we are happy to introduce you to the couple Travis L’Henaff and Seth Falk, whom we welcomed for a photo session and a very busy stay. Here, you will see how they share their « favorites » for a 100% inclusive stay in beautiful Montreal.

Seth and Travis in SUITE10's bathroom


-The best place to enjoy a nice coffee

Travis : In the morning, I have to stay close, and that’s a good thing because I loved Café Origine, which is accessible directly from the hotel lobby. Their coffee is excellent, but in addition, the decor and the mural (a creation of Montreal artist Jeremy Shantz) transport us to the jungle with just the right ambient light. Later in the day I suggest a visit at Café Osmo X Marusan, perfect for a luch break in an impressive decor and a just enough trendy atmosphere. My choice : Vegan curry, go for it !


-The best place for a drink

Travis & Seth (in unison) : Le Bar Pamplemousse Montréal, seriously, WOW ! The team of mixologists there know exactly what they’re doing, and the food is delicious, the place is the coziest and it’s only a couple minutes walk from HOTEL10. BAR20 located inside HOTEL10 is also very nice, not to mention their outdoor patio.

Seth & Travis seated at BAR20

- Where to capture the best Instagram photos

 Seth : We walked from HOTEL10 to the top of Mount Royal and it’s really a « must », not only to enjoy nature and the views of the city, but also because it’s an experience unique to Montreal. Travis : Old Montreal is full of great places to take pictures : in the small alleys, the cobblestone streets and the street « Art works », since there are plenty of them in the neighborhood.


-Where do locals go for brunch ?

Travis : Montrealers love their brunch, there’s no doubt about it. For me, Ginkgo Cafe & Bar and Anticafé Montreal are two great choices, classic and efficient. I especially loved the Anticafé’s Shakshura, it’s to die for ! Seth : Aux Vivres Plateau : there are so many veggie and vegan options, the menu is impressive and the food is really good, for me personally, it’s a « must » and I go every time.


-The best places to eat ?

Seth & Travis : We tried the hot spot of the moment, Fleurs & Cadeaux restaurant and their suhi is simply excellent. Lola Rosa serves excellent cocktails and offers great vegan options, otherwise Garde Manger is just exceptional, one of the best meal of my life. The Lspace, somewhat hidden in an anonymous street in Old Montreal, will give you a memorable and magical experience. But if you’re on a budget, La Selva Mexican restaurant is a safe bet, you will never be disappointed and for the price, you can’t go wrong.


-What to do (absolutely) during your stay in Montreal?

Seth : I’m definitely going to the Biodôme, plus they’ve just completed major renovations and trust me it’s really impressive. During our last visit, we encountered a very familiar sloth in the rainforest section, it was really a special moment and we learned so much with each visit. Also, no matter what the McCord Museum offers, it’s always perfect ! Plus, the Museum is walking distance from HOTEL10.ç

Seth & Travis in the shower inside SUITE10's bathroom

-What to see ? 

Travis : Sainte-Catherine Street is by far my favorite, for the atmosphere, for a great and successful evening, no matter ! You can just walk and stop at a bar or a café and enjoy « people watching », there’s always people there, it’s busy and fun. Also, the Village is a must, especially Cabaret Mado who takes the drag game very seriously.


-Why would you recommend HOTEL10?

Seth : HOTEL10 has style and I like its approach, unpretentious, but still glam and glitz, because that’s who we are ! Seth : To be able to stay in a unique place, a building full of history where art is everywhere, that’s something. History and art under one roof : we say « YES » no doubt, plus the welcome feeling is genuine and perfect, in addition to being super well located.


The Montreal Pride Festival will be held across the city from August 1st to the 7th and HOTEL10 hopes to welcome you for this special occasion, or whatever the occasion may be. Each year, 7 days of cultural and community activities, including the Pride Parade and Community Day are on the program, in order to celebrate in a festive way the progress made by the 2SLGBTQI+ communities while raising awareness on the various issues at stake, all this in order to eradicate homophobia here and elsewhere. Access to the main site is free, like all Montreal festivals. Because everyone is always welcome, book your next trip at HOTEL10 and treat yourself to a 100% inclusive stay, and why not try some of the recommendations as proposed by our friends Travis and Seth.



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