We are pet friendly, what about you?
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We are pet friendly, what about you?

August 05, 2019
August 2019 hotel 10 blog

In our pet friendly hotel, not a day goes by without us meeting a pet cuter or friendlier than the day before. If you like to travel but hate being away from your best (furry or feathery) friend, we have the solution: bring them along with you at HOTEL10!

We welcome your pets (and yourself of course) warmly at HOTEL10 !

If you choose to travel with your pet, know that you will make many of us happy at HOTEL10. Laura, our front desk agent (as well as all other employees) will make sure to welcome your pets personally and warmly. Laura always goes on the other side of the counter to pet them and inquire about their name and age. In short, your animals will almost receive a better welcome than you (ha ha ha, of course not!).

Blue the Frenchie : our 3915th Instagram follower

First of all, we are happy to count among our fans Blue the Frenchie, who recently became our 3915th Instagram follower! Let’s just say he had a lot of fun in the lobby, to the delight of HOTEL10 employees and customers who found him more than cute.

Felina the cat slept comfortably in our of HOTEL10 nightstand’s drawer

But still, if you ask us if we prefer dogs or cats, it is impossible to answer this question especially since the visit of Felina, a sacred cat of Birmanie of only two months. She is probably the youngest cat to have traveled 28 hours by car, from Montreal to Florida. After staying with us, she hit the road south with her small litter behind the passenger’s seat. She likes to sleep on the knees of her masters or in drawers; especially those of HOTEL10!

Bella really enjoyed playing with the luggage rack

Moreover, we also welcomed Bella the dog who liked being carried on the luggage rack and who also loved the Louka dog accessories, which we offer at the HOTEL10. Isn’t it cute?

If your dog prefers to play outside, just like Hubert, no problem at all! Our colourful terrace allows animals and their owners to enjoy good weather, play outside and admire the view of Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Furthermore, we have already welcomed at HOTEL10 at HOTEL10: a parrot, chicken (yes, yes!) a lizard and several reptiles, goldfish … in short, all your pets (or almost) are more than welcome. Our team will ensure their comfort, but also make sure your stay is enjoyable, as much for them as for you. We look forward to seeing you all at our pet friendly hotel.

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