Discover the awesome suites of HOTEL10
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Discover the awesome suites of HOTEL10

January 17, 2023
HOTEL10 Suites

If a regular room is not for you, you should know that HOTEL10 offers 17 suites that push the limits of immersive experience and customer service. The concept ? Of course not to do things like other hotels, and above all offer a rich, atypical and memorable experience that is « miles away » from your traditional hotel stay.

Our suites feature unique and friendly spaces that have the ambition to make you feel as if you were at a « friend’s house », a friend that has great taste. Offering spaces designed and created in partnership with creators and artists, these spaces are perfect for an extraordinary stay or event, so discover these suites here : the HOTEL10 suites! 

Some numbers : HOTEL10 has 17 suites and 8 different types including 4 themed suites.

Junior Suite : spacious, offering a 550 square feet of living area, plus a nice lounge ;

Executive Suite : large suite of 780 square feet, featuring two rooms, and all of our five executive suites offer two bathrooms and a spacious lounge area ;

The Godin Suite : a unique suite located in the historic portion of the building, at the corner of Sherbrooke street and Saint-Laurent boulevard ;

Family Suite : perfect for spending quality time with the family, this suite with a king size bed and a sofa bed, offers a nice board game area, in addition of being decorated with pictures of Montreal taken by the artist Eric Soucy ;

Family Suite

Family Suite

Each of our four themed suites evokes or represents a value, a part of our history or one of the facets of the DNA of our « unique hotel ». It is also through our suites that these facets are featured and celebrated, in the style of HOTEL10 : art, history, music, sports, and of course the city of Montreal.



SUITE10: Sport

Our unique SUITE10 is designed like a real « man cave » and offers an immersive experience into the world of sports. Several athletes who have marked our imagination are honored here, thanks to the works of art by Adlan Kaezar. This suite offers a dream entertainment corner for sports fans who want to watch all the various sporting events, plus a full kitchen area with a long bar and even the reproduction of a real sports locker room. SUITE10 is the ideal place to hold your private events in a friendly atmosphere that honors through art some twenty sport personalities who have marked history. Don’t miss the mural that spans the entire width of the ceiling in the bedroom and truly « plunges » you into the depths of a competition swimming pool.

SUITE10 in the blink of an eye.



Penthouse Signature

The Penthouse Signature : Art

Discover the brand new-look of our majestic Penthouse, now called the Penthouse Signature. It now offers a more neutral, unisex style and the emphasis focuses on the spectacular views of downtown Montreal, day and night from the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, not to mention the many works of art, all signed by our favorite artist Guy Hamelin. The furniture has been totally redesigned, the walls repainted and the main bathroom completely refurbished to reflect current trends. Offering more space and better ergonomics, enjoy two spectacular floors, unparalleled light, a large master bedroom, a shower and a deep bathtub, a living room and a full kitchen, The Penthouse Signature is your luxurious condo in the heart of downtown, By the way, did you recognize our unique sequel in many of your favorite TV shows this year ? This is indeed a popular place for producers and artists in filming productions !  

Discover the Penthouse Signature here.


SUITE 2116-Chez Dédé


SUITE 2116-Chez Dédé  : The music (and the band « Les Colocs »)

The one and only « SUITE 2116-Chez Dédé » was built on the very spot where Dédé Fortin’s group « Les Colocs » was born. Indeed, the singer and founder of the popular Quebec music band resided at 2116 Saint-Laurent boulevard, and this unique suite is the precise place where this flagship group was founded. Treat yourself to a complete immersion in the universe of the eternal « Les Colocs » with, among other features, handwritten notes by the artists Mateo and Marc Sirius. The Fortin family having collaborated in the project, we had access to some personal items of Dédé, also exhibited here. For the true fans, like us by the way, it becomes much more than a simple hotel stay, but a real step back in time and an invitation to nostalgia that are offered in « SUITE 2116-Chez Dédé ». It will bring you much more than « Juste une Petite Nuite », one of their greatest hits !

You can visit the « SUITE 2116-Chez Dédé » right here.



LOFT OPUS: History

Our brand new LOFT OPUS is the « last little baby » suite of HOTEL10 which offers a brand new jazz-themed decor, inspired by the era of prohibition. Here, HOTEL10 reinvents the hotel room with a unique concept that transports you to a sumptuous decor at the time of prohibition & jazz. A magnificient antique gramophone will take you on a journey to the sound of vinyl records and where the sound of the gramophone fades away… the music will continue since the walls are decorated with paintings representing musicians of the time by the artist Rémi LaBarre. Designed like a loft where you would host your friends in complete privacy, you will find in the LOFT OPUS : a kitchenette, a lounge area punctuated with antiques such as magnificient old lamps, a gramophone, antique accessories and costumes as well as a photo area, in addition to a beautiful large mirror. The ideal place to have fun with a couple of friends, or maybe more (or not !!), all this away from the public eye, just like during the days of prohibition !

You can visit the LOFT OPUS Suite here.