Looking back on the inauguration of MUsique10 with Gino Vannelli
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Looking back on the inauguration of MUsique10 with Gino Vannelli

November 27, 2023
Inauguration Musique10

After months and months of preparation, anticipation and excitement, on November 2nd, HOTEL10 officially unveiled its most recent artwork, a mural in honor of artists Gino Vannelli and Dédé Fortin from the mythic band Les Colocs. The work of art is signed by Guy Hamelin and Francis Turenne, two Montreal artists who collaborated to create this recent tribute to Montreal and its cultural scene, a mission dear to HOTEL10.

Gino Vannelli was accompanied by the “Orchestre Philharmonique du Québec” under the direction of maestro Alexandre Da Costa during his Montreal concert. In this picture: the two acolytes at HOTEL10 during the event on November 2nd.

From right to left, on this photo: Gino Vannelli, Jo-Anne Sauvé-Taylor (General Manager of HOTEL10), Ross Vannelli, Steve Taylor et Maggie Bergeron.

After the inauguration of SUITE2116-Chez Dédé, which was intended to be an incursion into the world of Dédé Fortin and the Colocs, the idea of paying tributes to our magnificent Metropolis through art and music continued to inhabit us.

The chemistry between HOTEL10 and the Colocs is complex, while we now know that the group was formed in 2116 of our building, which today houses HOTEL10. Since our opening almost 20 years ago, we have strived to convey the values and the particularities of Montreal: its art, its culture, its music and its history through our hotel experience. Seven years after the inauguration of SUITE2116-Chez Dédé, we were inspired for another project bearing the unique signature of our establishment. 

Gino Vannelli in front of the mural on Sherbrooke Street West

The birth of MUsique10

Gino Vannelli is originally from Montreal, where he wrote and produced his first single. He is a source of great pride for Montrealers as he contributes to promoting our metropolis internationally. The artist, whose career was crowned with success all over the world, returned home regularly, notably to visit his mother, Delia Vannelli, who still resided here, until she was sadly taken away by Alzheimer’s disease during the pandemic.

Our General Manager Jo-Anne Sauvé-Taylor also lost her mother, Huguette Blondin under the same conditions, so the common desire to give back to the cause gave rise to discussions about a possible project that would raise funds for the Alzheimer Society of Montreal and the McGill Dementia Educational Program, while paying tribute to the artist. This is how MUsique10 was born.

« HOTEL10 has always been committed to tell the story of Montreal through art, and today, at the dawn of our 20th anniversary, Dédé Fortin, a Quebec artist who created his group, Les Colocs, in Montreal and Gino Vannelli, who was born and raised in Montreal and still shines internationally » says Ms. Sauvé-Taylor.



The tribute project, named MUsique10 for (Music & Mural) times “10” is composed of:

-A mural revealing a montage between the lyrics of several songs ode to our metropolis, including "I Just Wanna Stop" (When I think about those nights in Montreal) written by his brother Ross and performed by Gino Vannelli and “Juste une p`tite nuite” by Dédé Fortin and the Colocs;

-Stained glass windows bearing images of the Vannelli brothers;

-A guitar and gold records autographed by Gino Vannelli;

-Souvenir photos which adorn the walls of the 1st floor of the hotel;

-A reproduction of the mural on the 1st floor elevator doors;

This new project for HOTEL10 was inaugurated with great fanfare during an official event on Thursday November 2nd, 2023. For the occasion, Gino and Ross Vannelli, members of the Fortin family, the team of ”Tourisme Montréal”(this project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Tourisme Montreal) members of the media, and many distinguished guests, all gathered at the hotel to celebrate. On our program was: an immersive journey to discover the mural and the corridor tribute to Gino Vannelli, a welcome cocktail and two auctions. The artist Gino Vannelli had graciously offered personal and autographed items. All profits from the evening, approximately $12,000, were donated to the Alzheimer Society of Montreal and the McGill University Dementia Educational Program. A beautiful gesture for a cause that is close to the heart of the Vannelli family, as that of HOTEL10.

Art to tell the story of Montreal

The values and DNA of HOTEL10, a unique hotel located in a downtown historic building that honors the city of Montreal, are intrinsically present in the decor of its different thematic Suites which are respectively:

SUITE2116-Chez Dédé which offers an incursion in the world of « Les Colocs ». This suite is located in the loft where Dédé resided from 1991 to 1998, and frequently invited fans to explore the creative universe of this influential artist. Inside the suite, handwritten notes from the artist, quotes, a mural and stained glass windows immerse guests in the creative spirit of Dédé as well as a unique mural by Mateo.

SUITE10 with a sports theme, inaugurated in 2019, the walls are punctuated with works of art by Montreal artist Adlan Kaezar. This beautiful suite highlights twenty athletes who have left their mark in the history of sport, both here and abroad. It is the ideal setting to organize sporting events, business meetings or private parties, in a friendly and artistic atmosphere. 

LOFT OPUS will transport you in a sumptuous decor from the golden age of Jazz. A magnificent vintage gramophone plays vinyl records music, creating a captivating atmosphere, while the walls are decorated with superb paintings of musicians by the artist Rémi Labarre. Staying at the hotel becomes a travel experience in its own right as this suite gains to be discovered to the sound of Myles Davis, and of course with a glass of whiskey in hand.

Art and music come to life on our walls and inside our themed rooms and suites. A visit at our hotel will allow you to travel without having to leave Montreal. It’s a date!

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